Boiler model Dry-Back Starfire Mod. 10-60 specifications
  • From 10 to 60 HP's.
  • Three steps balanced design.
  • Long operation life.
  • International quality with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (A.S.M.E.) certification.
  • High technology burners from the Industrial Combustion trademark that provides an excellent and clean combustion.
  • Computerize operation security against flame fail.
  • Maintenance facility.
  • A year warranty.
Boiler package type

The boilers we manufacture are package type in which the burner and all its accessories for its operation are installed and connected electric and mechanically.
Maintenance facility

Thinking in the team that will be in charge of the boiler operation we have designed the same frontal and back door with hinges and ceramic fiber interior isolation for its easier use.

Corrugated firebox

The boiler has a big firebox, which allows us a complete combustion and maximum heat transference. Because being corrugated it provides a major heating surface and less mechanical efforts.