The following material contains tables and technical specifications of some of our products. For further information and specific details we ask you to contact us and we will personally respond to your worries.
Steam Boilers Myrggo Model WetBack (Englihs)
Caldera Myrggo WetBack (Español)
Caldera Myrggo STARFIRE mod.80-150
Caldera Myrggo STARFIRE mod.10-60
Caldera Vertical (Vertical Waterleg Tubleless Boilers) WLF IV Series 9.5-50 HP, Power Burner
Caldera Ultimate Heat (Hot water Boilers)
Caldera Flexible (Multimpass Flexible Watertube Boilers) Low Pressure Steam Boiler.
Caldera Eléctrica (Electric Steam Boilers) Cabinet Series, Low and High Pressure Steam 7.5 KW to 3600 KW, 25 to 12, 420 Lb/Steam/Hr. 212 °F
Caldera Eléctrica (Electric Hot Water Boilers) Cabinet Series, 7.5 KW to 3600 KW, 25.5 to 12287 MBH